Dr Gokhale & Hyderabad Metro Come Together to Save a Life in Hyderabad:

The entire country – the medical community and the general public were sent into buzzing after a live beating heart was transported in metro train for heart transplantation in Hyderabad. Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale who was instrumental in the innovative heart transportation was in his jubilant self after the successful heart transplantation as he shared his views on this memorable event.

“Even in cases where funds are not issued, logistic issues stand in the way for heart transplantation. And for a country like India where the traffic is heavy and disorganized, it can be a logistical nightmare to transport the heart to the destined location, given the whole procedure is a time-sensitive event where the heart has to be transported in prescribed time”

“Amidst all these challenges, we have been able to transport the heart for the operation and perform successful heart transplantation in Telangana, all thanks to the Metro and traffic authorities with the assistance of green channel”, said Dr Alla Gopala Krishna Gokhale, after the heart transplantation.

This event stands as an example that it is quite possible to transport the heart with the right planning and support of authorities even in India. Let us all hope that this success, stands as an inspiration for heart specialists across the country who usually get bowed down by logistic issues before considering such challenging heart transplantations in India.

You can find complete excerpts of the interview here:

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